Thumbs up for the African Hospitality

You can say a lot of things about South Africa, but I would like to point out one particular thing that we have come across travelling through this beautiful country and that is its hospitality. From strangers that are willing to help you with highlighting the many off the beaten track spots or willing to lend a hand, people you work with inviting you for a braai or a full evening program with a nice bed, diner and party with a friend we met 3 years ago in Botswana.

Jaco (our friend) together with 4 friends have a few nightclubs in Pretoria. When they told us that 3 years ago we didn’t know where Pretoria was and thought of it as a small city somewhere in South Africa. Later did we find out that it was the political capital of the country.

We met Jaco at one of the clubs, which would be a highlight in every big European city. Its design has a jazzy vibe to it with VIP-areas with brown leather lounge seats, led lights luminate the whole place in blue, green and yellow, tv’s are hanging all over the place for video clips or sports and there is a big copper beer tank displaced which is full of freshly brewed beer. The club is situated in a blue coloured building, hence the name The Blue Room.

The place was already thriving with people having a drink or some food, even on a normal weekday. Beer was already cold and even day fresh from the brewery, waiting to lessen our thirst. And we must say, it was delicious. After a few drinks we went to Jaco his house where he pointed us where we could sleep, our own cabin with fridge, snacks, everything. It was like we where in a hotel. The complementaries where on the house of course.  

When we got dressed we went out for diner at an Indian restaurant. Champagne was ordered while we where waiting for food. Stories and old memories where shared and a few minutes later plates with different kind of curries, samosa’s, rice, etc. where served. The food, already looking great, tasted even better. It was amazing, superb, delicious, fantastic…..well you catch my drift.

After diner we went to his club which was now almost packed. People where dancing and drinking and the DJ was pumping up the beats. We where escorted to the VIP section and one by one his staff come by for an introduction. When we walked into the crowd for a dance, a bouncer was walking behind us to keep an eye on us. After a couple of hours we left the club where a taxi was waiting for us outside while bouncers where keeping the doors open. Man, this is celebrity life, we could get used to it for a while.

Thank you, South Africa, for your hospitality.

And special thanks to you Jaco! <3


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