The wine region of Cape Town

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The wine region of Cape Town is the area Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. It is a half hour drive from Cape Town and is definitely worth a visit. The area consists of too many vineyards to count with amazing award wining wines.

Take a whole day and leave early, because the vineyards close on time. What you can do here, speaks for itself, but besides tasting and buying wine you can also enjoy delicious food and various activities.

 Our day started a little slow, because it rained cats and dogs all morning. The strong wind came on top of that and it did not seem sensible to go on the road with our very small car. But the beauty of Cape Town is that it might be bad weather here, but an hour's drive and the weather is a blue bright sky. We arrived around 13:00 at our first stop, the Delaire Estate of the Graff family.

I think that we have never been so amazed of a vineyard.

When you arrive at the entrance gate you are already surrounded by colorful flowers and plants. The road then turns into an avenue with vineyards to the left and to the right that stretch as far as the eye can see. Once the car was parked, we walked up the stairs (Although we were not sure if we were dressed properly with our sneakers) and we arrived at a large wooden door with the logo of the Graff family in it. Art is on the left and right besides this door, and even when you come in, you'll be amazed by all the beauty the building has to offer. Once we have arrived in the lounge, we are directed to the most beautiful sitting area in the lounge, at the fire place.

Our nice host Michelle offers us a variety of wines (5 pieces in total) to taste. Complimented with a delicious looking cheese platter our afternoon could not go wrong. Until some clown decides to throw a lot of wood on the fire to create more atmosphere as it has started to rain here as well. But this doesn’t work out as planned and in a short while we see that, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire ... we do not need no water, let the motherf * @ k burn", came it in my head while watching the burning roof. As nobody was taken note, except for Inge and another guest, they soon start to ring the alarm bells and they decide to come into action to stop the fire. Fire extinguishers, water hoses, bottles with water were added, but in the end the fire brigade needed to come and our tasting fell into the water.

Our number 2 on the list was BoschenDael. Again, a large landscape with vineyards and associated luxury. However, the tasting at the BoschenDael is anything but stylish. Here you sit at large long tables in a shed. Perhaps this also made the wine less tasty than the Graff family. And unfortunately, it was already 5 o'clock and we could not catch a number 3, so we drove home.


Back in Cape Town we decide to go straight to the restaurant, la Parada. This is a tapas tent in the middle of the center where you can eat well. When we entered the restaurant, Inge noticed someone familiar. It was one of her old childhood friends she hasn’t seen for more than 12 years. After enough alcoholic refreshments, the restaurant owner kicked us out of the building as we would have stayed there until the morning if he didn’t 😉.

The next morning, we try to climb Table Mountain again, but it is in vain as it is still closed due to strong winds. As we really want to do something active we decide to climb Lions Head, which is located near Table Mountain and is also a really nice climb to do. Unprepared, no water, a 3-hour time frame and Inge wearing a skirt we decided to climb this mountain. The first tens of meters went perfect and the view became more beautiful as we ascended, until we found the ladders to go up and deep abysses below us. Haha .... Inge in a skirt and thong climbing up the ladder, just thinking about it still makes me laugh. You understand that I always let her go first ;-).

Eventually we came at the top and with this breathtaking view over Cape Town and Camps Bay we end our trip.


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