Meet our new member 'De dikke dame'

It has been 2.5 years since we converted Marty (Landcruiser Troopy) into our house on wheels. We enjoyed it very much and the end result was exactly what we wanted. In addition to the many positive reactions we received, it seemed super fun to do this again 'only bigger'.

In June 2017 we sold everything we had to be able to pay for our new house on wheels and to make a whole new start somewhere in the world.

It is of course pity that because of the corona, we are forced to go back to the Netherlands, but this situation gives us new perspectives.

Our 2nd dream, to build a mobile home in the Netherlands.

This will be our base where we can live in during the Corona situation. Beside that we would like to take you into our free life of a digital nomad and we are eager to rent the bus to you as soon as we are exploring the world again with Marty.

De Dikke Dame:

And there it is, our new addition the 1981 Mercedes Benz 608 D with 110,000 km on the clock.

Another year to go and the bus will belong to the old-timer family.

The bus has had 2 owners. It originally comes from Germany where it was used to transport car parts. In 2017, the previous owner had the bus imported to the Netherlands. He wanted to build a camper for him and his family. Unfortunately, his own company took more time than he had thought and he did not have time to convert the bus. It was only after 3 years that he was able to accept and give up and finally chose a ready-made motorhome.

In our search we looked at several buses: 2 yellow American school buses from 1993, Bedford Village Style from 1952, Saurer FBW

from 1941, Crown bus from 1962, International Bluebird white in color from 1992 and a Mercedes Benz 608 D from 1981.

The reason why we chose the Mercedes and not the others:

- the other buses were too long, so you are limited in your off the beaten tracks

- you are not allowed to stay at campsites 90% of the time.

- the Mercedes is easier to rent out than one of the big buses, plus you need a special drivers license.

- the project is too big. Some of the buses were in such bad shape that even we were hesitant to start. In addition, we would also spend too much time before such a bus woud be ready. And who knows, if soon, the borders will be open again.

The Mercedes is well maintained, it is relatively small and compact and would be a nice project that would take us about 3 months. This is perfect in our eyes and that is how we are now the owner of this beautiful bus.


When traveling, with your own converted car, you get a lot of ideas. You will find out which basic needs are important to you and which are not. The fellow travelers you meet along the way sometimes have cool and creative ideas.

We will convert the bus to a self-sufficient bus. Modern, cozy atmosphere with all kinds of new handy and efficient gadgets. We will also challenge ourselves to work with environmentally friendly materials. Before we start with this, we will first take care of the entire body by giving it a rust treatment.

Curious how it is going to be? Follow us on Instagram or keep an eye on the blog.

Love Chris & Inge

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