Custom Land Cruiser Conversion - Part 2

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Welcome back to part 2 of our Troopy conversion where we pick up on the first steps of building our Land Cruiser to our wishes.

Arriving in Cape Town on February the 26th we immediately drove to R&D to check up on our Troopy. It wasn’t anywhere near the place where we were sleeping (still an hour drive), but it would be hard to get any sleep if we didn’t see our new home for the next two years.

Meeting up with Chris from R&D was a relief as we were now sure that the car would be in the right hands. Dozens of Land Cruiser where parked there, all with necessary modifications done, which looked very nice. If we would have more money to spend we would be taking every modification there was, but we were on a tight budget and we already planned out what R&D would do, which was later called phase 1.

Phase one would consist of the following modifications:

  • New rear bumper with better recovery points and high lift jack points

  • Dual wheel carrier to have both tires on the back of the car instead of one on the back and one on the roof

  • ARB Compressor mounted under the hood of the car

  • Clear all the cabinets and make extra spaces in the rear of the car

  • Measure the inside of the car and draw out all the cabinets

The three top things in phase one would be done by R&D Offroad, but it took them two days more to finish up everything. They are very busy and planning isn’t there best work. In the meantime, we did some shopping and bought a few things that would make it more like a home.

On Wednesday we drove the car to Creative Caravan Worx to clear all the cabinets in the rear and make the car ready for measuring and to draw out all the cabinets. As we negotiated a lower price we would help with the work, so Inge and I started clearing the rear of the car ourselves, which was done in no-time. Finally, we could start on working out where we would place all the cabinets and measure everything precisely to order the wood already cut to the sizes we needed. Inge and I made an outline how and where we wanted the cabinets.

To speed things up, Inge worked on the car. She was going for it, as you would expect of her. Pushing herself to her limits in order to do the work as quickly as possible, but also as neat and clean as possible with her eye for detail.

In the meantime, I was drawing and measuring every panel, which meant I needed to know how all the panels would connect on each other and figure out how thick each panel had to be for all the hinges. I had to measure everything over and over to not make mistakes as the panels would be cut on the measurement I would give.

To make the car even more to our taste as it was, we added some extra’s:

  • Replaced the aluminium plates in the rear for real windows

  • Replaced two side windows for two sliding windows

  • Smoothened up the rear inside of the car with sand paper, fill all the gaps and spray-paint the inside of the car

While Inge was shopping for wood and fabrics I drove the car to PG Glass to get our rear windows done. This consisted mainly of waiting for a couple of hours and make sure that these guys would do the job properly.

Inge was still looking into sliding windows as this would give us more fresh air in the car while driving through Africa and its scorching heat. New sliding windows would add €1000,00 to our costs for the car, which wasn’t really in our budget. But while driving towards R&D she found two second hand windows at a shop nearby and after some negotiations we took them with us for only €200,00. Placing the windows by PG Glass would add €55,00 and 4 hours of waiting, but it was worth it.

While working on the car last Monday we received good news. The pop-up rooftent would be delivered by Alu-Cab on Thursday and they will start placing our new roof on Monday the 19th. But as we weren’t finished with our new project, spray-painting the inside of the car, we had to finish up more quickly which meant working long hours and also the weekends.

Tomorrow morning, we will drive the car in the early morning to 4x4 Mega World where mechanics from 4x4 and Alu-Cab will start on the roof. Unfortunately, we will miss a part of it as we have to go to SARS to extend the temporary import permit on the car. Wish us luck as this will decide if we need to drive to the border before the end of March or that we have more time to get the car ready before we have to pass the border, as this a necessity.

We will continue in our next blog where we will follow up on the long-awaited roof conversion and many other modifications. So, stay tuned.

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