10.000 kilometer!!

Hi everyone!

We have reached the first 10.000 km, YOEPIEE!!! Normally we would write a blog but for this special occasion we would like to give the floor to our car Marty.

Hi Marty, thank you for this interview. It is a great pleasure to finally meet you.

Wow, am I that famous? I knew that already, have you seen my Instagram account?

People love me.

Hahaha, modest are you. Well anyways let’s start the interview. The name Marty, where does it come from?

Well I am named after some black and white donkey from Madagascar.

Isn't it a zebra?

Potato potatho, they are all the same.

They are not. Although they are from the same family. But okay, lets continue. How do you like the journey so far?

It’s a hell. These people are abusing me, letting me drive these horrible roads. My feet really hurt you know. And they even dare to overload me. Who do they think I am, Hercules? My back is really soar. They also keep me outside every day and night while it is very cold at night. I think I am getting a cold. Please help me!

Wow Marty is it really that bad? You look so clean and your shoes look amazing, almost brand new?

That's just for show, because you came by for this interview. When you are gone, they will make me do things again I don’t want to. I just want to relax in a garage.

But Marty, you are a 4x4 made to go off-road, so it's normal they take you everywhere they go. And I heard they gave you new tyres which you already have for a couple of hundred km.

Well they probably didn't tell you that they let me drive with a flat tyre for an hour, right? Almost lost my rim.

Is it really that bad?

Yeah man, they make scratches all over me driving through these dense bushes, even cut my roof off, without warning. How would you feel if they cut the top of your head? That is freaking painful.

But they gave you a very nice and new roof. Are you not happy with that?

Yeah, it looks cool right? People really dig me with this new hairstyle. I get a lot of attention on the road.

So, they aren't that bad, right?

No, they are okay. I laughed my ass off the other day when Chris was changing my oil. He had a huge hangover and almost drove me off the ramp. Luckily there was someone to give him direction or otherwise I wouldn't be standing here. Thank god! Anyways he had his new clothes on and just had a shower and when he released the oil valve under the car, the oil came all over him, hahahha. The oil was already too warm and with the wind it flew right in his face. Then he wanted to change the oil filter and he lost his balance while standing on my tyre on the ramp. He fell straight into a puddle of oil. I haven't had such a good laugh for ages.

They gave you new oil already?

Yeah, they did 😬.

Sounds like carrying parents to me. So, what has been your favourite part of the trip?

When I am standing still of course. In a nice garage, not too warm, not too cold. That Duncan guy in Cape Town had a nice container. I chilled there for 5 months until they pulled me out as the “new owners” where coming.

Okay, okay, but when you are on the road, which part of the first 10.000km is the best?

Have I already been driving 10.000 km 😱?

Could you answer the question please?

Well I like the parts when they drive slowly on tar roads. Sometimes they are speeding, and I get it really hot. Especially when they drive uphill.

And the most difficult part?

All the other roads. Last time they let me drive on this horrible road towards Marienfluss with only rocks while going uphill in a 60-degree angle. It was painful like hell. And they were even proud on themselves for clearing that road. Who is doing all the work here? MOI! They just have to put their foot on the peddle. And the day after Inge even dared to put me on three legs. Is she crazy?

Wow, that sounds pretty tough?

Hell yeah, but not for me, because I am awesome 💪.

It was no problem for you?

No, they were scared and all and Chris almost shit his pants, hahah, but to me no sweat at all.

Any damages along the way?

Except for the scratches, no. But it was a close call when we drove the Baviaanskloof. Upon arriving in Port Elizabeth the garage found out that my right steering rod was almost gone. Hellooooo, couldn’t you figure that out earlier? We could have driven off a cliff there and we all would be a goner.

Close call indeed, but luck is on your side. Okay, lets change the subject. What are you most proud of?

My hair cut and new shoes. They are looking awesome right?

Yeah, they look good. And what do you like to change?

New owners?.........…....…....naahh, just kidding. Well I would like to lose some weight, but they keep stuffing me with crap. And I am dying to have some new rims (😏 looking at his parents). Allied Wheels in Australia has some nice ones. Especially the Redback or the Rock-Dark Tint. And a new suspension would be amazing as they have packed me above the actual weight I can carry. Old Man Emu are doing this GVM (gross vehicle mass) upgrades now. Give me one of those.

That's a lot you like to change?

Well I have to look good for the ladies. And I am driving them everywhere they want to go, so they better take good care of me 😤.

Well Marty I hope they have some money left for you. I really want to thank you for your time, it was a joy having this interview with you. I hope you can make some time for me after your Africa trip.

Yeah of course, but next time you have to bring me a sweety.

Will do Marty 😉.

Best, Chris & Inge

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