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Hi There, welcome to our website. 

We are Chris & Inge from the Netherlands and we are going to travel the world. We are leaving our house, job, friends and our daily lives behind to go on another adventure. The reason why is because we are in love with it. It gives us butterflies, no doubt about it. It's just one of these things that make us tick and gives us energy. We want to see the world, discover, experience, learn from unknown people and cultures, climb the highest mountains, dive into the deepest seas and inspire everyone to pack a backpack/suitcase or whatever you want to bring and do the same. 


Digital nomad, adventurer and like to wander somewhere far away with a camera in her hand. Her favorite destination is to get lost in Africa Desert.   


Inge grew up in the countryside surrounded by animals. She was especially fond of horses. At a young age she started riding horses and after a few years Albert Zour contacted her to ride for his stable. After years of working as a professional in the equestrian sport, she moved to Amsterdam to make a career switch. She worked for Cushman & Wakefield for many years and supported the management there. Later on, she worked as a PA at one of the largest media agencies in the world, supporting the CEO and CFO. Inge now has her own company as a virtual assistant. A job that she can carry out anywhere in the world.

Inge met een Black and White Ruft _ Anda

Social, likes to do activity with the locals and is a professional hammock hanger. He likes to be surprised and therefore rarely searches for his next destination. 



Chris moved to Amsterdam at a young age to work as a project manager for a large advertising agency in the Netherlands. Because he always had a soft hart for charities and like to take care of others, he ended up at Direct Result. Here he could combine his passion with his work. Direct Result has clients such as Unicef, Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, WWF, Amnesty International, CARE International. He has been working here for 2 years now and has since, grown to Account Director. During the next 2 years of travelling he is looking forward to be working as well, as a project manager or in marketing.



In 2015/2016 we made our first world trip of 7 months. We returned satisfied in the Netherlands and again had the full energy to go to work. After the time passed, the desire for travel began again.

Fortunately, we thought the same thing together and started to make a plan for a new worldtrip for approx. 2 years. . How do we get many money as possible as quickly as possible?

The first thing we did was to calculate how much budget you are approximately going to need on based of our priorities. ​We are travelers that like to experience everything a country has to offer. In every country we visit there are also a few basics we value and that is comfortable sleeping and good food. Of course this has to fit within our budget, which isn't a backpacker budget, but we also don't have unlimited financial resources.


What we usually strive for:

  • Local food which is cheap and most of the time the best food you ever had.

  • Value for money accommodation where we focus on cleanliness and a comfortable bed.

  • A mix of must sees which are almost for nothing as it is a hard to reach place or yet unknown and must sees which are pricy as it is very touristy.

With this in mind we count the following amount for savings.

"With backpack you can count EUR 30.000,- per year per person. Would you travel with your own car, then we count EUR 80,- per dag per couple)"

If you exacty wanna know what we spend in which country. Feel free to contact us. 

Secondly, we made a calculation how much money would be coming in. This would give us a clear view of how much money we were still missing. After moving out of our rental apartment and moving into cheaper rental apartments, selling all our belongings, saving as much money in the month as possible and postponing our trip with 2 months we have finally obtained enough money.


Are you about to travel around the world and want to know something about safety, border crossings, money, sights, transport, budget, insurance and other matters?

Do you really want to travel with your own car and you do not know where to start? We can help you find a good and reliable car, convert the car and advise you which parts you need or do not need for your trip.

If you have any questions about out route, visa's, transport, border crossing, practical things, you name it. Please don't hestitate to contact us and fill in the contact form below. " Happy travels "