we've met and inspire us 

Kevin & Stephanie come from the Netherlands and travel with their 31 year old Defender via the west coast to South Africa.

In the month that he is off of work he is pendeling the world. When we met him, he was cycling from South Africa to Zambia. 
They are travelling because they wanted to escape the dailly routine of work, home and family. They want to experience adventures and see with our own eyes what is going in in the world instead of seeing it on TV. Our car is sometimes during hard offroad driving called George. (simular ro Schorsch in "Go Trabi Go")
Gil & Marleen traveling for a half year through the east part of Africa, to get ideas for their own theater in Belgium. The musical takes place every year in the Antwerp theater. 
Wants to visit a traditional African Musical, click here!
Marcus & Pauline from Australia worked hard for the last 20 years to save money for this trip of a lifetime. They get inspired by the mom of Marcus, who in 1992 did a very simular trip.
With their African Toyota Landcruiser (2016) they travel around the world. After Australia and Africa they decided to explore America.